The extra short version for folks who have donated before:

  • We can only handle a limited number of donations right now, so there's a new system.

  • Head over to our new online packing list generator. Space permitting, you'll see a form.

  • Fill out the form, print your packing list, and include it with your shipment.

  • If we're out of storage space, you'll see a message to check back the following month.

  • Don't forget to line your package with plastic to keep it from getting wet - it may sit outdoors for a while.

How to donate sewing patterns - Autumn 2012 version

Oddly enough, we're perfectly content to receive boxes full of battered 1930s and 1940s sewing patterns -- none of which have all their pieces. But that's just us.

Lots of you out there have perfectly good sewing patterns, new and old, that you just want to find a good home for. We're happy to help -- we just need to manage the amount of space and time we spend doing it. So here's how it works:

What you can send

Sewing patterns and embroidery transfers of any age, in any condition.

What happens to your patterns

Incomplete patterns are held in our archives for repairs. Complete patterns are offered online to members in exchange for Pattern Points they've earned by donating patterns or other participation in the site.

Remembering a loved one

Everyone donating is welcome to use the Tributes page. Large donations may be offered to members as a special collection.

Credit options

Many people simply want a thank you note. If you sew, you may want Pattern Points to redeem for sewing patterns later. If you've sent a particularly valuable pattern or collection, we'll contact you for instructions. Pattern Rescue is not a charity and your donation is not tax-deductible.


You're responsible for the cost of sending your patterns to us (in western NY).

Where to send them

Our shipping address is on the packing list -- and to get that, you have to visit the packing list generator and provide some very basic information about the patterns you're sending. Unless we've run out of room, and then you'll just see a message about that!

More questions?

Email any time. You can address it to anyone